Helping Individuals Cope with Marital, Relationship, and Sexual Distress and the Painful Aftereffects of Infidelity

Anger Management

Excessive or inappropriate expression of anger is one of the major causes of marital and relationship distress. Anger is the precursor to almost all episodes of domestic violence and frequently results in serious legal difficulties. My approach to treating these problems utilizes practical, down to earth techniques that virtually all men and women find helpful. I help individuals to identify common misconceptions they have about anger while helping them to practice more effective strategies for coping with the everyday stressors of life.

The cognitive-behavioral model I employ teaches easily mastered techniques that patients can apply to their lives immediately. This approach to anger management is an active, structured, short-term problem-solving therapy that provides individuals with simple, yet powerful techniques to cope with their problems of anger and rage. The approach is a collaborative one in which both patient and therapist share responsibility for producing change. This type of therapy focuses on helping to correct negative or self-defeating thought patterns and teaches patients how to master problems and situations they may previously have considered insurmountable. As a result of therapy, many individuals struggling with anger control issues find that they experience fewer emotional upsets.

I invite you to contact me by phone at 410-377-4343 or email me, or if you prefer contact me to schedule an appointment or to discuss any issues or questions you may have. Please keep in mind that since I have limited my practice to online or virtual therapy, and since as a Maryland licensed psychologist, I am able to meet with individuals or couples living anywhere in the state, those of you living in Baltimore, Towson, Pikesville, Columbia, Bethesda, Annapolis, Frederick, as well as those living in other more remote towns and cities in Maryland are welcome to contact me to explore treatment options.

“This approach teaches easily mastered techniques that patients can apply to their lives immediately.”